The studio brings together a group of curious-minded collaborators at the forefront of critical change in electronics, lifestyle, architecture, urban systems, service design and technology.

Marc Berthier is a designer who has largely contributed to the transformation of French design culture. Over the course of a career spanning almost sixty years, he has designed products as well as architecture, as innovative as they are iconic.

In January 2022, Marc Berthier founded a new studio, KVAN x BERTHIER (KxB), in partnership with Mikaela Kvan, a young Danish-American urban planner and multidisciplinary designer. Their vision is to develop a laboratory of « functional poetics » instilling positive impact on society.

KxB focuses on essential uses and mastered techniques, all with a touch of dreaminess and elegance.

Current collaborators : Ulysse Bouët, Stephen Eko, Jonathan Renous, Lucile Turut

Official portrait by ©Anne - Emmanuelle Thion


.... Please be patient while be construct the rest of our site.  We only want to share our best work with you. Until then, check out the Walter Outfit armchair originally designed by Marc Berthier in 1980 now on pre-sale.

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