An emblematic figure of French design, disciple of lightness in all its forms, Marc Berthier carried and transmitted his ideas with vigor and optimism until his last breath.

Untiring, he created the design and architecture laboratory KxB in January 2022 after more than 50 years of practice alongside Mikaela Kvan, a young Danish-American designer and urbanist. Motivated by the same contact with the world and the same appetite for a functional poetics with intelligence, elegance and dreaminess, the master and the student formalized their collaboration of several years.

Continuing the work that Marc Berthier started, the studio KxB has at heart to nourish and to bring to life the singular vision of the one who took his role of educator to younger generations with a great deal of seriousness and an immense generosity.

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Collaborateurs :
Stephen Eko, Jonathan Renous, Lucile Turut

Développement commercial et stratégique
Isabelle de Ponfilly & Joséphine Bursacchi /
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Laurene Breas
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