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Isabelle de Ponfilly & Josephine Bursacchi
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14 Septembre

Laurène Breas
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The studio brings together a group of curious-minded collaborators at the forefront of critical change in electronics, lifestyle, architecture, urban systems, service design and technology.

Marc Berthier is a French designer who has largely contributed to the transformation of French design
culture. Over the course of a career spanning almost sixty years, he has designed products as well as architecture, as innovative as they are iconic.

In January 2022, Marc Berthier founded a new studio, KVAN x BERTHIER (KxB), in partnership with Mikaela Kvan, a young Danish-American urban planner and multidisciplinary designer. Their vision is to develop a laboratory of « functional poetics » instilling positive impact on society.

KxB focuses on essential uses and mastered techniques, all with a touch of dreaminess and elegance.

Current collaborators : Ulysse Bouët, Stephen Eko, Jonathan Renous, Lucile Turut
Official portrait by ©Anne-Emmanuelle Thion


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